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Artworks selected on January 8, 2014 from

Still Life 2 by Sumit Datta - Painting - Watercolor
Wild Elk by Lanjee Chee - Painting - Wild Elk On Canvas
Fanciful Agave by Marta Tollerup - Painting - Acrylic On 300# Watercolor Paper
Hollister Home by Michael Foltz - Painting - Pastel On Paper
Zenmoksha Flowers by Baljit Chadha - Painting - Mixmedia On Paper
Chickadee 106 by Patsy Pratt - Photograph - Digital Photography
Art By Nature by Sharon Mau - Photograph - Photography - Fine Art
Beach View by Les Cunliffe - Photograph - Photograph
Geranium Candy by Sharon Johnstone - Photograph - Photography
Virus by Anastasiya Malakhova - fractal art
Blanket Flowers At Sunset by Douglas MooreZart - Painting - Painting And Digital
On The Edge by Skip Willits - Photograph - Epson Lustre Paper
Ephemeral by James Marvin Phelps - Photograph - Digital Photography
Reflected Pool by Iris Greenwell - Photograph - Photography
Leaf Peepers by Cynthia Decker - Digital Art - Digital 3d Rendering
Fall River Painting by Graham Gercken - Painting - Oil On Canvas
Jelly Beans by Anastasiya Malakhova - colored pencils on paper
Martha's Vineyard Lighthouse by Paul Schoenig - Painting - Acrylic On Canvas
Parque Mistico by Angel Ortiz - Painting - Oil On Wood Pannel
Harbor Boats by Vahe Yeremyan - Painting - Oil On Canvas
Frost And Dew On Grass by Thomas R Fletcher - Photograph - Photography
Tacumshane Windmill Wexford by Val Byrne - Painting - Watercolour
Peony by Michael Creese - Painting - Oil On Canvas
Frankfurter Park by Juan  Bosco - Painting - Watercolor On Paper
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