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Artworks selected on January 13, 2014 from

Cat7 by Elena Sokolova - Painting - Oil On Canvas
Phlox Bifida 'petticoat'. by Geoff Kidd - Photograph
Early Winter Morning by Gun Legler - Digital Art - Digital Painting
Grapes Of Joy by Eva Nichols - Painting - Watercolor
North Carolina Beauty by Deborah Benoit - Photograph - Original Photography By Deborah Benoit
Pretty Pink Cyclamen. by Terence Davis - Photograph - Photography
Fish by Mark Kazav - Painting - Oil On Canvas
Pirate's House Restaurant by J K Crum - Painting - Acrylic
Zinnia by Ruth Seal - Drawing - Colored Pencil
Turtles All the Way Down by Anastasiya Malakhova - digital art
Coastal Cloud Dance by Darren  White - Photograph - Digital Photography
Austin Former Shelter Sweetie by Dave Anderson - Mixed Media - Graphite-digital
abandoned Gym by Felix Pergande - Photograph - Photograph
Seashell No.2 by Taylan Soyturk - Photograph - Photographs
Doing It Easy by Michael Howard - Photograph - Photography
Orange Creation by Anastasiya Malakhova - digital art
Chocolate Labrador by Susan Kordish - Photograph - Photography/digital Art
Tropical Paradise by Igor Pautov - Painting - Oil On Canvas
American Plum Prunas Americana Tree by Brigitte Cadena - Photograph - Photograph
Daisy Bug by Julie Fields - Photograph - Digital Photography
Magnolia Campbellii Darjeeling Flower by Tim Gainey - Photograph - Photograph
Flores Lilas Y Celestes II by Madie Horne - Painting - Watercolors
Pink Tulips With Water Drops On Green by Rosemary Calvert - Photograph - Photography
Creative Madness by Pamela Phelps - Photograph - Textured Photography
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