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Artworks selected on January 28, 2014 from

A Messenger by Ben Yassa - Photograph
Spark Of Love by Tim Gainey - Photograph - Photograph
Boletus by Karol Kozlowski - Photograph - Photograph
Up The Wrong Tree by Gordon Hyde - Photograph - Photo
Tulip by Jana Behr - Photograph - Photo
Stormy Seas by Todd and candice Dailey - Photograph - Photography
Network by Ronda Broatch - Photograph - Photography
Beach And Lava by Virginia Forbes - Photograph - Photograph
African Elephants by David Stribbling - Painting - Oil On Canvas
Flame Flower by Anastasiya Malakhova - fractal art
Orange Yellow Mum by Garry Gay - Photograph - Photography
Greenlake Autumn Sunset by Mike Reid - Photograph - Photography
Autumn Fruits by Dean  Eve - Photograph - Photograph
Christmas Teddies by Lynn Bywaters - Painting - Gouache On Strathmore Paper
Inferno by Anastasiya Malakhova - fractal art
The Chagall Dreams by Elena Kotliarker - Painting - Acrylic On Canvas
Colorful Coffee by Lutz Baar - Painting - Painting
Ocotillo Color by Erin Hanson - Painting - Oil On Canvas
Apples Nice And Fresh by Anne-Elizabeth Whiteway - Painting - Oil On Canvas
Snow Patrol by Peter Williams - Painting - Watercolour
Autumn Fall Landscape by Michal Bednarek - Photograph
Vintage German Shepards by Pamela Phelps - Digital Art - Digital Art
Aspen Trees Colorado by Frederic Payet - Painting - Acrylic Palette Knife On Canvas
The Wedge Newport Beach California Picture by Paul Velgos - Photograph - Digital Photo
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