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Artworks selected on March 2, 2014 from

Pushkinskie Gory by Victoria Kharchenko - Painting - Oil On Canvas
By The Canyon by Elise Palmigiani - Painting - Oil On Canvas
mountain Lake by Igor Pautov - Painting - Oil On Canvas
Other Stories by Taylan Soyturk - Photograph - Photographs
San Francisco by Elena Sokolova - Painting - Oil On Canvas
Yosemite In Winter II by Eva Nichols - Painting - Watercolor
Light In Forest by Leland Howard - Photograph - Fine Art Nature Photography
Owl Bubo Bubo Portrait by Matthias Hauser - Photograph - Photograph
Sheep Dog by Amy Burczyk - Painting - Oil On Canvas
Colors of Passion by Anastasiya Malakhova - fractal art
Ammolite by Elena Elisseeva - Photograph - Photograph
Path To The Fall by Irina Sztukowski - Painting - Watercolor
Gone Wild by Susan Capuano - Photograph - Photography
Lillies by Susan Robinson - Painting - Oil
Green Folium by Anastasiya Malakhova - fractal art
Shades Of Tahoe by Benjamin Yeager - Photograph - Color Photo
Mount Baker Snowscape by Mike Reid - Photograph - Photography
Jenday Conure by Michael Creese - Painting - Oil On Canvas
Tickle Me 4 by Fraida Gutovich - Photograph - Photography
Fractal Flowers by Lutz Baar - Digital Art
Flower In Red And Orange by Larry Palmer - Painting - Mixed Oil Acrylic
Mclodge by Lynn Bywaters - Painting - Gouache On Strathmore Paper
Bristol City Docks by Don Hooper - Photograph - Photography
Canyon Homestead by Sandy Campion - Painting - Oil On Canvas
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