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January Frost by Bob MacArthur - Painting - Water-soluble Oil On Canvas
Backlit Sunflower by Sheila Byers - Photograph - Dslr
Il Piccolo Arco by Guido Borelli - Painting - Oil On Canvas
Wait For It---wait For It by William Stewart - Painting - Aqrylic
Birch Trees by Larry Hamilton - Painting - Watercolor
Birds Of A Feather by Almeta LENNON - Painting - Acrylic On Canvas
Watercolor On Yupo Synthetic Paper Of Bern Switzerland by Ryan Fox - Painting - Watercolor
Dragonfly by Anastasiya Malakhova - fractal art
Wine-o by Lee Walker - Painting - Acrylic On Canvas
Adirondack Duo by Betsy A Cutler Islands and Science - Photograph - Fine Art Photography
Evening On The River by Andrey Soldatenko - Painting - Oil On Canvas
Stargazer Lily by Lori Nadaskay - Painting - Acrylic On Canvas
Annie's Bananas by Stacy Vosberg - Painting - Oil On Canvas
Coral Dunes by Benjamin Yeager - Photograph - Color Photo
February Sunrise by Marc Crumpler - Photograph
White Bear by Rick Moore - Drawing - Graphite On Paper
Dragon Eye by Anastasiya Malakhova - fractal art
Santa Cruz by Pedro Carmona Santos - Photograph
Wetland Heron by Graham Gercken - Painting - Oil On Canvas
Reddish Egret by Anne Beverley - Painting - Watercolors
Simple Breakfast by Abdel  Zhiri - Pastel - Pastels On Paper
Pounce by Barbara Hranilovich - Painting
Canine Cutie by Ferrel Cordle - Painting - Watercolor
Philadelphia - Bells Mill Bridge Over The Wissahickon Creek by Bill Cannon - Photograph - Photo
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