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Golden Shoreline by Elaine Plesser - Painting
There's Something About Sophia by Lisa  DiFruscio - Photograph - Photograph
Due Cavalli by Guido Borelli - Painting - Oil On Canvas
September. On The River by Andrey Soldatenko - Painting - Painting Oil On Canvas
Summer Greens by Graham Gercken - Painting - Oil On Canvas
Greek Atmosphere by Ivo Depauw - Painting - Watercolor
It's For You by Marley Ungaro - Painting - Acrylic
Logan Pass by Tammy Crawford - Painting - Watercolor
Baby Panda by M E Wood - Painting - Ink
Grand Canyon by Anastasiya Malakhova - pastels on paper
Guetteur by Francoise Dugourd-Caput - Painting - Watercolor
Autumn Landscape by Tancau Emanuel - Painting - Oil
Telescope Eye Goldfish by Irina Chernysheva - Mixed Media - Mixed Media
Dance Of The Dragonfly by Ellen Levinson - Painting - Watercolor
Chemistry and Compatibility by Anastasiya Malakhova - fractal art
Red Roofs Of Europe - Nice France French Riviera by Georgia Mizuleva - Photograph - Fine Art Photograph
Dont Look Over Your Trouble Comin by Alvin Hepler - Painting - Acrylic
Colorado Scenery by Thomas Kearon - Painting - Oil On Linen
Reflexo by Jordan Gomes - Painting
Red Rock Tumble by Kirt Tisdale - Digital Art - Photograph
Wild Poppies by OLena Art - Painting - Oil Palette Knife
Mom And Baby Elephant by Sally Simmons - Painting - Mixed Media
Murka by Alena Rumak - Pastel - Pastel
Ghost Town School Color by Anthony Duty - Photograph
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