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Artworks selected on April 30, 2014 from

Main Morning by Laurie Martin - Photograph - Photography
Serene Morning by Inge Riis McDonald - Photograph - Photography
Watermelon by Alena Rumak - Painting - Oil On Canvas
Old Red by Mick Williams - Painting - Watercolor
Kitten And Butterfly by Michael Creese - Painting - Oil On Canvas
On Golden Pond. by Cynthia Adams - Painting - Oil On Canvas
View From Charles Bridge by Madeline Ellis - Photograph - Photography
Heron by Anastasiya Malakhova - pastels on paper
Seth Camm Painting Jms by Seth Camm - Painting - Oil On Canvas
Quiet Day by Lucie Bilodeau - Painting - Oil On Panel
Cherry Blossom Time Two by Alice Gipson - Photograph - Photograph
Moonlight Dreams by Martie  Hopper-Reynolds - Painting - Acrylic/watercolor On Canvas/paper
Waves and Pearls by Anastasiya Malakhova - fractal art
Pot Of Cheer by Renee Chastant - Painting - Watercolor On Paper
Rain Tree by Stacy Vosberg - Painting - Oil On Canvas
New Orleans Reeds by Jenny Armitage - Painting - Transparent Watercolor
Raglan Reflected by David Tinsley - Photograph - Digital Photography
Blue Door Provence by Rae Andrews - Painting - Watercolor
San Francisco Ca by Wade Powell - Painting - Oil On Canvass
Light And Tranquility by Lynda Dorris - Painting - Watercolor,300lb Paper
A Window In The Sky by Scott Warner - Photograph - Photo
Morning Liaght by Michko Wrye - Painting - Acrylic On Panel
Puerto Rico Landscape by Larry Palmer - Painting - Acrylic On Paper
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