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Artworks selected on May 9, 2014 from

Autumn Eve1 by Lisa Bates - Painting - Acrylic
Peace Is Here by Arnab  De - Painting - Watercolor On Paper
Eagle Crags by Terry  Chacon - Painting - Oil On Canvas
The Lure Of The Lonely Pathway by Tim Reaves - Photograph - Photography
Cedar Mountain by Stella Schaefer - Painting - Watercolor
Seasons Of The Great Land by Jerry Sauls - Painting - Oil On Canvas
Lilies by Renee Schneider - Painting - Acrylic
Rest At Shore by Eva Ason - Painting - Watercolor
Bunny Rabbit Spring Tulips Cathy Peek Animal Art by Cathy Peek - Painting - Acrylic Ink Watercolor
Caffe Latte by Anastasiya Malakhova - pastels on paper
Nyc Shades Of Blue by Lynne  Douglas - Photograph - Giclee Print
Hobie And Tiki On Crescent Beach by Shawn McLoughlin - Painting - Watercolor
Morning Bloom by Barb Maul - Painting - Dyes On Silk
Soul Confessions by Hilda Lechuga - Painting - Oil Pastel
Saucer Magnolia by Cathy Donohoue - Photograph - Photography
Rosa Maria by Jay Prentice - Painting - Acrylic
Rainy Day Series - Yellow Poppy by Suzanne Gaff - Photograph - Photograph, Giclee Print, Canvas Print, Fine Art Print, Greeting Card, Poster
Pit Bull Self Portrait by Canine Caricatures By John LaFree - Drawing - Prismacolor Markers And Color Stix On Bristol Paper
The View by Timo Luomanpera - Painting - Acrylicart
Random Thoughts by Anastasiya Malakhova - fractal art
Pelican by Michael Howard - Photograph - Canvas
Seeding The Sky by Leo Sopicki - Photograph - Photography
Tulips In Pastel Colors by Simon Bratt Photography - Photograph - Photoimage
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