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Artworks selected on June 2, 2014 from

Bergamo. Via Tassis by Viacheslav Rogin - Pastel
Patrignone Castelina Italy by Shawna Elliott - Painting
Forest by Igor Pautov - Painting
Lighthouse Point Reyes California by Irina Sztukowski - Painting
Sunrise On Mount Kilimanjaro by James Zeger - Painting
Best Mates by Renata Wright - Painting
Mandala Oriental Bliss Sp by Bedros Awak - Digital Art
Cows In Spring by Phyllis Muller - Painting
Nemo Finding Redbubble by Miki De Goodaboom - Painting
Flowers Around Me by Anastasiya Malakhova - fractal art
Desert Spring by James Bo Insogna - Photograph
Peaceful Day by Martha Teti - Painting - Watercolor
On The Way To Kingsland II by Andries Hartholt - Painting - Oil On Canvas
Cat Nap by Barbara Hranilovich - Painting - Gouache On Paper
Spring Flower by Anastasiya Malakhova - fractal art
No Return by Anne Yoro - Painting - Ink On Paper
Natural Rhythm 2 by Arnab  De - Painting - Watercolor On Paper
Carefree Columbine by Angie Vogel - Photograph - Photography / Photograph
At The Dock Of The Bay by Anthony Falbo - Painting - Oils On Canvas
Welcome Home by Bette Orr - Painting - Transparent Watercolor
Golden Gate In The Fog by Bill Gallagher - Photograph - Photograph,
Pennsylvania by Bernard Chen - Photograph
Swallowtail Butterfly by Cheryl Baxter - Photograph - Photography
Golden Touch 3 by William MacKenzie - Photograph - Photo
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