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Artworks selected on June 16, 2014 from

Edmonton Skyline by Terry Elniski - Photograph - Photography
A Picturesque Scene by Thomas Kearon - Painting - Oil On Oil Primed Linen
Shoreline by Tim Reaves - Photograph - Photography
Palmetto Shapes by Tina Buechner - Painting - Transparent Watercolor
Green And White Trillium by Todd Bielby - Photograph - Photography
Round Valley Lake by Anastasiya Malakhova - acrylic on canvas
Low Tide by Tom Harris - Painting - Watercolor
Colorful Artichoke by Eva Nichols - Painting - Watercolor
This Way To Heaven by Elise Palmigiani - Painting - Oil On Canvas
Golden Lake by Evgeni Dinev - Photograph
Kiwi by Anastasiya Malakhova - pastels on paper
Scented Efflorescence by Felicia Tica - Photograph - Photo
By The Road In New Mexico by Madie Horne - Painting - Watercolors
Memories Of Santorini by Maria Karalyos - Painting - Oil On Canvas
Boston Skyline by Peter Laughton - Painting - Photograph
Three Sisters by Peter Martocchio - Painting - Watercolor
Shady Spot by Rae Andrews - Painting - Watercolor
The Cove by Raymond Schwartz - Painting - Oil On Canvas
Tinyblue by Rani Meenagh - Photograph - Photography
Friends by Renee Schneider - Painting - Acrylic On Canvas
Summer Bouquet-1 by Khromykh Natalia - Painting - Watercolor,paper
The Family Unit In Gold by Kirt Tisdale - Digital Art
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