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Artworks selected on July 20, 2014 from

Morning Light by Yvonne Ankerman - Painting - Oil On Canvas
Apple Blossoms Welcome Spring by Jeanie Campbell - Painting - Digital Pigment, Ink, On Canvas
Hapi's Owl by Rose Collins - Painting - Acrylic
Honey Pie by Mary-Lee Sanders - Painting
Just Roll Along by Allan P Friedlander - Painting - Acrylic On Canvas
Winter Fun by Marc Wildman - Painting - Watercolors
Pretty Pose by Jayne Carney - Photograph - Photography
Golden Retriever by Anastasiya Malakhova - pastels on paper
Grey Squirrel by Don Hooper - Photograph - Photography
First Kiss by Christine Cholowsky - Painting - Acrylic On Stretched Canvas
Nessy's Cousin by K M Pawelec - Drawing - Pencil
The Frog by Dean  Eve - Photograph - Photograph
Bouquet Of Flowers by Susan Robinson - Painting - Pastels
Musica by Angel Ortiz - Painting - Acrylic On Canvas
nature of Bangladesh by Hasan Imam - Painting - Acrylic
Morning Glory by Brad Scott - Photograph - Photography
Incognito by Anastasiya Malakhova - pastels on paper
Autumn Splendor by Leland D Howard - Photograph - Fine Art Nature Photography
The Empress. by Arik Baltinester - Photograph - Print
Bird Drawing by Cynthia Stewart - Drawing - Colored Pencil
Spring Song by Barry DeBaun - Painting - Oil On Canvas
Summer Nights On Shem Creek by Walt  Baker - Photograph
The Deep Blue Evening by Elena Kotliarker - Painting - Acrylic On Textured Canvas
Kimmeridge Bay Storms by Chris Frost - Photograph - Photograph
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