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Artworks selected on December 29, 2013 from

Red And Yellow Tulip by HJBH Photography - Photograph - Photographs - Photography, Photographs
Drive Away by Aditi Bhatt - Painting - Water Colour
Rosebuds by Cheryl Young - Photograph - Photography
Newport Beach by Ivailo Boliarov - Painting - Oil On Canvas
Palouse Wheat Fields by David Patterson - Painting - Soft Pastel Painting
Chemist - My First Chemistry Set by Mike Savad - Photograph - Hdr Photography
Red Fox by B Kathleen Fannin - Painting - Watercolor
Cypress Trees Splendor by Iris Greenwell - Photograph - Photography
Emerald Eyes by Kathy Fitzgerald - Painting - Acrylic On Canvas
Eggcity by Anastasiya Malakhova - digital art
Marsh Rabbit by Angie Vogel - Photograph - Photography
Totems by Tom Shropshire - Painting - Acrylic On Canvas
Solitude by Lynne  Douglas - Photograph - Giclee Print
Baby Panda by Michael Creese - Painting - Oil On Canvas
Gifts Of October by Tim Reaves - Photograph
Quiet Stream by Graham Gercken - Painting - Oil On Canvas
Lemons and Tea by Anastasiya Malakhova - acrylic on canvas
Sunnyside Up by Denise Armstrong - Painting - Acrylic
Color Of Poppies by Khromykh Natalia - Painting - Watercolor,paper,ink
Poodle Gaze by Enzie Shahmiri - Painting - Oil On Panel
Lonely Tree by Victoria Kharchenko - Painting - Oil On Canvas
The Bar Scene by Seth Camm - Painting - Oil On Ampersand Panel
De Kater Komt Later/the Hangover Comes Later by Michel Sehstedt - Painting - Oil On Canvas
Autumn Burst by Kirt Tisdale - Digital Art - Watercolor
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