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Artworks selected on January 29, 2014 from

Egret-and-plants-in-reflection by Robert Chin - Photograph - Photographs
Pet Portrait 16x12 In Cavalier by Ksenija Mijokovic - Painting - Charcoal
Out On Point by Michele Steffey - Photograph - Digital Photography
Autumn Forest Road V3 by Douglas Barnard - Photograph - Digitally Enhanced Photographs
Bookcliffs 90 by Ray Mathis - Photograph - Nikon D800 Image
Moonlight Fish by Anastasiya Malakhova - fractal art
Clover by Aleksejs Volkovs - Photograph
Kittatiny Monarch by Robert Pilkington - Photograph - Photography
Cherries by Taylan Soyturk - Photograph - Photographs
Got Puck... by Will Bullas - Painting - Watercolor.
Lebanon Waterfront by Mary Wassil - Painting - Oil On Canvas
Beginning The Journey by Jai Johnson - Photograph - Artistic Photography
Lovely Little Chapel In The Swiss Alps by Matthias Hauser - Photograph - Photograph
Mind Meld by Anastasiya Malakhova - fractal art
Daffodil With Water Drops As Water Colour by Rosemary Calvert - Photograph - Photography
Grey Arabian Horse 2013 11 17 by Angel  Tarantella - Painting - Ink And Watercolors
Passiflora Alata - Ruby Star - Ouvaca - Fragrant Granadilla - Winged-stem Passion Flower by Sharon Mau - Photograph - Photography - Macro
Birds Of A Feather by Sharon Lisa Clarke - Photograph - Photography
New Zealand by Les Cunliffe - Photograph - Photograph
A Monster Under My Bed by Lucia Stewart - Painting - Watercolor And Pen
Expressive Pyrolle by Sharlena Wood - Painting - Mixed Media On Paper
Beauceron Dog by Olde Time  Mercantile - Painting - Acrylic
Autumn Falls On Vermont Town by Laurie Rohner - Painting - Watercolor On Paper
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